There is no ‘I’ in team

No 'I' in Team

You’ve heard it before but I am saying it again! There is no ‘I’ in team. Have you ever taken the time to read about Steve Jobs? Granted, he was a bit of a hard-ass BUT one thing that rings true and always will is that you need to invest in a team and you need ‘A’ players. I know that when you are starting out you are always looking for the best “deal”. So you get your 17 year old niece to do social media to ‘build her resume’, you have your neighbor organizing volunteers because she loves people and will do it for free, you have your friend who was in a band to do your talent buying, and you have another friend running the beer garden because he is just such a fun guy! You just saved a bunch of money, right? But did you ever think of how much of your time you will need to invest in helping them out? Your time is your most valuable resource and you will quickly fine there is no substitute for experience!

When it comes to festivals there are so many moving parts – You have talent, staging, travel, logistics, marketing, social media, security, sponsorship, city permits, volunteers and much more. Surprise, surprise that you can’t do it all, or maybe you can try, but you won’t end up with the best product. When you’re building this new event, this brand that resonates with people all year long, you need to make sure that each detail is on point but it’s impossible to do that on your own. Granted hiring a team costs money (and if you’re first starting out money can be tight) but you need to consider the value of the team that you are hiring.

For example: If you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to teach your neighbor how to organize eight different volunteer groups, building a security plan for your liquor license, checking for spelling mistakes in tweets or editing Facebook posts – where will you find the time to wine and dine your sponsors? Or if you do find the time, will you have the energy to really invest into selling them the full vision? Will you be able to come up with unique ways to showcase their brand at your event? Chances are slim. However, if you hired an ‘A’ player on your team that LOVES organizing things like this, they would be organizing your volunteers, writing your security plan, and finding you all the cool new social media opportunities you never thought of (including those with a 300% conversion rate). Now you would not only have time to wine and dine your sponsors, but pick up a few new ones too. Who knows, maybe you could spend a little more time on creating exciting alternative revenue sources on the grounds, or you’re bringing in a little extra ticket money from those crazy social media campaigns so you rent a waterslide for your festival or build a kid zone!

So let’s look at the actual value of you ‘spending’ the money on this ‘A’ player:  If you had time to pick up two new sponsors in a month at $2,500 a piece and you did this for 3 months, that’s $15,000.00. Now we know you may not need that position all year round, or maybe you just contract it out and it costs you $7,500.00 – That contract just made you $7,500.00 by simply freeing up your time for you to focus on your relationship with your sponsors. Investing in ‘A’ players that you don’t need to micromanage can not only save you time, but could actually make you money! Now of course these numbers are an example, but you get my drift. Investing in an ‘A’ team to help you take your dream and turn it into reality is priceless. This will allow you to spend more time on the bigger picture stuff and will do more for your sanity and brand than you can imagine.

As always, I’ll end with a quote:

A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players’ – Steve Jobs

If you have any specific examples of when you hired an A-player, or you have an A-player that you would like to recommend to your fellow readers please leave a comment below.

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