Slow Down, You’re Growing too fast!

OMG I love the new year! Everyone is so excited about their new year’s resolutions; they are full of energy and are ready to hit the ground running! But wait…. Remember those little things that still need to be fixed from last year’s festival? Did you have bad social reviews, or did you maybe ‘forget’ to answer that upset customer? Ya… that doesn’t go away just because it’s a new year – but now you’re excited and ready to get bigger and better. Sit down a second and let’s think about this. Why do you need to get bigger? Why not just get better? That’s right, it’s time to tighten up those reins and go pro on your festival. Here are some great questions to get you rolling with for this following year that will help add value to your customer experience AND fulfill your need to grow. Remember, growing doesn’t always mean bigger, it can also mean better. Also, if you’re anything like me, you are making your New Year to-do list. Try a few of these when it comes to this year’s show:

  • Make a list of every area of your show (ex. Camping, VIP, backstage, entrance, on-site socials, vendors, catering, etc.). Then write down what your offerings in those area’s are, if there aren’t many, that’s ok! We are looking to grow here. Once you’ve made the list, put yourself in your customers shoes and think about what would make that experience better for you? Write down a min of 5 ideas for each area, discuss with your team and then see what changes could have the largest impact on the experience, but not necessarily on your bottom line.
  • On-site activations – what do you have now? Is there anything cool that you could add that isn’t too heavy on your bottom line? Here’s what you could do: write down who your ideal customer is. (ex. 25-32, love country music, hunting, fishing, boating, drinking bud or kokanee). Then, write down all of you current sponsors and who could be potential sponsors. What kind of onsite activity could you have your sponsor execute to engage that fan and add value to the festival, the sponsor and the fan.
  • Get social – Do you know other producers or people with the same roll as you with in a festival? Get to know them! If their show is not just down the road, they are not competition and they could actually turn into a great ally.
  • Last but not least, take a look at your online presence – what does your ‘voice’ say? Is there more that you could do? Maybe hire a community consultant or just find a little more consistency. And don’t forget about your website. Is there anyway that you could engage a community on your site? There are a lot of great options for social media so get your voice out there. Plus, that’s where your ticket buyers are!

As always, I’ll end with a quote:

You are never too old to reinvent yourself’ – Steve Harvey

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